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Anne Hu, Writer and Director of LUNCHBOX and Cake

"Dawn is an extremely talented actress, a joy to work with, and the utmost professional.  Dawn is passionate about her craft, asks fantastic questions, and puts a lot of thought into her characters.  She comes to set with her lines memorized, on time, and ready to go.  She works wonderfully with others, whether it be with the crew or other actors.   Dawn's natural warmth and respect for others allows her to create safe spaces for collaboration and authentic performances." November 2023


The Harvest by Doua Moua (Mulan) / Main Cast - Directed by Ms Caylee So (In the Life of Music)

  • 2023 - SBIFF, LAAPFF, MSPIFF, CAAM Fest, MKE Film Fest, Outfest Fusion 

Lunchbox / Main Cast - Directed by Award Winning Director Miss Anne Hu (Cake)

  • 2023 - Short Narrative Winner of DisOrient Asian American Film Festival

  • 2023 - Best Ohio Short Film of Cleveland International Film Festival

Zoetic / Main Cast    -     Directed by Miss Julie Zhan and Mr. Wesley Chan ( Wong Fu Productions)   

  • 2019 - Top 3 HBO APA Visionaries, LAAPFF, SVAP Film Festival, BAAFF

Hello Ahma/ Supporting     -      Directed by Miss Siyou Tan (AFI Women's Director's Workshop 2019)

  • ​2019 - Toronto Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival

  • 2020 - Minikino Film Week, UK Take One Action Film Fest

My Mother's Jade/ Main Cast     -     Directed by Miss Irene Young ( A Kickstarter Project) 

  • 2014 - Nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Asians on Films    

Silent Friends/ Lead     -      Directed by Miss Rachael Meyers (Low Budget Indie Film)           

The Hotpot/ Lead      -     Directed by USC Film Graduate: Miss Dan Zhao                                                              

A Sickly Plant/ Lead      -     Directed by Chapman Film Graduate: Ms Caylee So                                                         



SHELL - A 4-part web series by Wong Fu Productions

REBEL/ Li-Shen Lin / Recurring / BET

Discord and Harmony/ Mom / Pilot                                                                           

Chris/tina/ Groupie                                                        

Under One Roof / Guest Star / Television of Singapore                                                           

Triple Nine/ Co-star / Television of Singapore                                                               

VR Man/ Co-star / Television of Singapore                                                                         




Wells Fargo Bank / Principal / USA and Canada National                             

Walgreens / Principal / USA National                                                                                                    

America Physical Therapy Association  /  Principal / USA National                                                   

Verizon Wireless / Principal  / USA Asian Market National                                              

Head and Shoulders / Principal / Hong Kong National

VISA / Principal /   Hong Kong National          

M1 Telecommunications  / Principal  / Singapore National 




Cisco “The Threshold” / Los Angeles                                                                             

Shell Oil Company Training  / Los Angeles                                                                      

Office Max  / New York                                                                                                      

Effexor XR  / New York                                                                                                      

United Healthcare   /  Philadelphia                                                                                            




Scene Study  /  Beverly Hills Playhouse   /   Intermediate and Master Class

Improvisation 101  /   Upright Citizens Brigade

Audition/ Scene Study   /   Richard Lawson (For Colored Girls)

Film/ TV Acting: The Stanislavski Based Method   /   James Hong (Kung Fu Panda)

Voice and Dialect  /   April Hong

Accent Reduction / Greg Safel                             




Speaks and reads English, Mandarin, and Cantonese fluently, can speak some Taiwanese.

Sings Soprano. Hosting Experience.

Has a Motorcycle Riding LicenseStick Shift Driving Capability.

Dances Social Dance Intermediate.              


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